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Tyre Tips:

Under inflated tyres can result in imprecise cornering, higher running temperatures, irregular tread wear at the edge of the contact patch, fatigue cracking, overstressing and eventual failure of the tyre carcass.
Over inflating tyres does not increase load carrying capacity, but will result in a hard ride and accelerated tire wear in the centre of the contact patch.
Check cold tyre pressure frequently with a good quality gauge that holds a reading, and always before long trips.
For high-speed, fully loaded or dual-riding touring motorcycle applications, inflate front tyres to maximum recommended by vehicle manufacturer for fitment and rear tyres to maximum load inflation pressure on sidewall. Rear touring tyres must be inflated to a minimum of 36 psi for light to medium loads and 40 psi for dual riding and other loads. Never exceed maximum load indicated on tyre sidewall or vehicle capacity load found in owner's manual.
Loss of pressure may occur due to worn out or badly seated valve cores. Check valve cores. If necessary, tighten for correct seating, or remove and replace them. A plastic or metal valve cap with an inner gasket should be used and installed finger tight to protect the valve core from dust, moisture and to help maintain a positive air seal.

Repeated loss of tyre pressure may result from undetected tyre damage. Visually inspect tyres for punctures, cuts, abrasions, cracks, bulges, blisters or knots. Only certain punctures in the tread area may be repaired, and only if no other damage is present. If in doubt Lakeland Motorcycles Staff will be happy to check your tires and tire pressure.


Tyres for Motorcycles, Scooters and Quads

LAKELAND MOTORCYCLES realize motorcycles are highly complex machines and its riders are highly demanding individuals. Both require tyres that enhance overall performance. Lakeland Motorcycles can provide tyres from various manufacturers Incorporating the latest advances in road racing, street tyre and off road technology, to deliver an unparalleled balance between high speed stability, unprecedented cornering, easy handling and outstanding grip you can really lean on.
So it doesn't matter if you own a racing, super sport, sport touring and grand touring or off road type bike, Quad or scooter.  Lakeland Motorcycles can provide you with the correct tyres.
Please call us on 01946 830297 to discuss your requirements.

With such a wide variety of motorcycle tyres on the market, choosing the right one is never easy. Lakeland Motorcycles cater for motorcyclists. We stock a wide variety of tyres to meet all cyclists’ needs from scooter right through to racing. All work is carried out to the highest standards by our fully trained staff. We provide pressure checks, advice, tea/coffee and a friendly atmosphere for all riders.

Lakeland Motorcycles Tyre Fitting and Balancing Service


Tyre Fitting Balancing Area

Tyre Fitting Area

Lakeland Motorcycles can supply all well-known brands of Motorcycle, Quad and Scooters Tyres
We can remove your wheels, fit, repair and balance tyres, then refit the wheels from your motorcycle or scooter. Or just bring your wheels for new tyres/repair and balancing, it’s up to you.  We have an area for you to sit and wait while we change your tyre, have a drink from our hot and cold drinks machine or look around our clothing and accessories area.

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